Threads fashion Show Gives Students an Outlet to Showcase Design Talent


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College is a place for students to hone their craft and for fashion students, Threads Fashion Show is the perfect opportunity.

Threads is an annual event held at Central Michigan University’s Finch Fieldhouse where  students can showcase their artwork and fashion designs in a real world setting. Threads allows students to get hands on experience in their field of work and show them exactly how to expect the world of fashion to work.

This year, Threads hosted their largest showcase with an attendance of over 1,500 people. Media coverage was also a huge success as student’s work were publicly broadcasted, giving them more outreach than they could possibly hope for.

Two students wanted to break the mold this year and joined Threads to showcase their work. In a mainly female dominated market, two male students (Dean Myrto and Peter Januzelli) entered their clothing line DAP (Do Anything Positive) into the showcase. As their designs strutted down the runway and flashes of cameras fired away, these two students felt the recognition they were hoping for.

The fashion show gives an amazing opportunity to any and all students who wish to enter and have their designs and art work showcased, followed by awards for those whose designs stood out the most.

Here is a video interview with the two male students and a model for Threads and their inside information on the event.

This event gives students a great foundation in which to start their careers in the fashion industry. After hearing from these students it is clear that the event is very inspirational and gives many students hope for their future.

DAP is a new clothing line designed by Dean and Peter who plan on selling their materials this summer of 2017. Anything from shirts and hoodies to pants and skirts, DAP is a universal clothing line designed to make the wearer feel good about themselves and spread “positive vibes” according to Dean Myrto. Feeling good and positive is the entire goal of the dynamic fashion duo and they wish to spread this message through their clothing.

Bellow is a poll, vote on your favorite design from the DAP line up.

Dean Myrto and Peter Januzelli hope to one day make it big as fashion entrepreneurs and Threads was their first taste of that life style. Continuing on, the two plan to work together to start their clothing line DAP and branch out into bigger markets and have their work in retail stores across the globe. These are big dreams for these two, but Threads is the perfect way to start and get one’s name out there. Here’s to Dean and Peter, may you both find good luck in your fashion endeavors. And don’t forget to DAP everyday.

Below is an infographic on Threads, showing some fun facts about the event and how it got started. for more information, visit the threads website



Food Stops and Albums Dropped, a day in the Life of Austin Cavender






RPL Class Holds Escape Room Event to Raise Money for Local Organization


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Mt Pleasant, MI – Central Michigan Students host an Escape Room event called “Escape the Cell”, Thursday March 30th, to help raise money for the Big Brothers, Big Sisters foundation, which pairs younger kids with a big brother or sister in hopes of bettering their future.

The event was held at Finch Fieldhouse by the RPL class and a few volunteers. CMU student Julia Sherman, along with other CMU students, helped run the event and speaks about the escape room and its cause.

For more information, Click the video below.

The David Garcia Project: An Audio Slide Show


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The David Garcia project is an event held on Central Michigan’s campus and allows attendees to experience and empathize with those suffering from learning disabilities. This even has a very strong message and the people who run it operate with care and compassion for those with and without learning disabilities.

Friendships and their Evolution Through Academic Life


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Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI– When asked about friendships and how they have changed throughout the years, many people reflect in different ways. Although these reflections may be negative, their new experiences with college relationships seem positive in comparison to the past.

Audio Story: I-M Basketball


I’ve never been a big sports fan, until all of my friends got into sports. Most of them joined some sort of IM league on campus and in going to one of these events I realized it would be perfect for an audio story. Introducing Daniel Martinez, a Central student who participates in IM basketball. This audio story sheds light on his experience with the game, how he came to love it, and why he does what he does. This story is posted on my SoundCloud so check it out!

Studio Time!


As a film and Broadcasting student I love all aspects of the field of recording. Because of this I have been on a mission to get my hands dirty in every possible field I can from radio to TV and much more. Today I got actual studio time to record a rap song that I have been performing for years. having a professional song really makes me feel like a professional artist for the field of Broadcasting. The song I did was a cover song by the artist named Watsky and we simply titled it “Watsky Remix“. Check it out!

New Year, Same Me!

2017 is coming in stride and with it brings some new adventures for the same old Cavender. Currently enrolled at Central Michigan and taking JRN 340 which requires more blog posts so the stellar blogski lives to see another day! I am currently working on taking on the real world and will be posting more projects to my Vimeo and YouTube accounts. Enjoy and have a great day!blag