Revised Timeline


I revised this image to show the difference in time between the character models. Now with correct spacing and extra markers for the years inbetween where no games were made.


Rad Ad!


This project was to create an image heavy advertisement. I decided to go with the 90’s style of adverts as a memento towards my childhood and all the ads with frosted tips and screaming kids. The ad is for the Gameboy Color which was one of the first handheld game systems to provide color (hence all the color in different forms). This was fun to make as it brought back memories and, in a way, has a reason to look crazy and RADICAL!!!

Lock it Up


For this project I created a custom lock screen. I chose the letter A as it stands for Austin. I’ve always been a fan of superheros and wanted my own logo. For the actual background I used a concrete with a color overlay that matched the blue inside the circle with the A. The combination of cartoon and realism creates a wonderful contrast between the two.

Quantum Homer Theory


I this project I took Homer Simpson and added him to the laboratory in the show Rick and Morty, a sifi adult cartoon that pushes the limits to science. I took Homer and added him to the scene scaled correctly. After this I copied him into the picture at smaller and smaller sizes as if he is picking himself up. Two very funny adult cartoons meshed into one image…let hilarity ensue.

Austin Cavender


My name is Austin Cavender. I am a student at Central Michigan University. Broadcast and Cinematic Arts Major with a minor in Media Design.  I have worked at two separate radio stations, done editing for personal videos and school assignments for about five years, and work on short films as well as voice acting. I am into media, games, people, photography, film, creative thinking, and anything open minded. This blog will present some of my work done at Central Michigan University. (old Post)